Bedridden Bathing Made Easy – The end of the sponge bath + New Wound / Burn Care

Heiwasch Bed Bathing System for the Bedridden

Sponge Baths are obsolete!


Bedridden Patient Care….Simple, Sanitary & Therapeutic

We are the approved UK supplier for the unique and  mobile HEIWASCH Bed Shower System from Germany. Made to the highest standards, the system gives bedridden people of all ages the opportunity to finally have a shower in  bed, rather than being washed only with a washcloth or sponge.

Sponge baths are obsolete, all bedridden patients deserve a real shower!Equipment for Showering in Bed for the bedridden

Advantage of the HEIWASCH Shower System

  • The HEIWASCH shower system is the mobile shower that comes to the patient!
  • The shower system is especially suitable for bedridden patients or family members who can no longer be mobilized from a bed.
  • Our bed shower is quick and easy to use by carers and nurses.
  • From a therapeutic perspective, flowing water makes sense and will lead to a big improvement in the patient’s quality of life and comfort.
  • No transfer of patients is required, resulting in less stress on patient and carer;

The HEIWASCH Shower System consists of :

  1. Strong flexible mattresses bath attached to bed without removing patient.
  2. A self contained mobile shower unit with simple warm water temperature controls;
  3. A self contained automatic system for drainage of waste water- no nearby drains needed;
  4. Optional anatomically shaped hair washing tub with drain hose.

click How it Works for more details of operation.

Perfect for patient comfort

The Flexible Shower Tub Construction:

  • Flexible shower tub is made of  a breathable, waterproof fabric with integrated drain reinforcement.
  • Material: cotton; polyurethane watertight barrier layer; breathable, washable at 100°C, tumble dry up to 120°; resistant to disinfectants, steam sterilize; do not mangle or iron.
  • The shower-tub can be used long-term as a mattress cover since it can be spread like a conventional fitted bedsheet.
  • Velcro tension belt.
  • Side-stabilizing Velcro strap.
  • Terrycloth backing on the shower tub.
Questions? If you are a private client, carer or healthcare professional, and have a question on the Heiwasch bed bathing / showering system, please use the contact form to the right of this page, or by calling us directly at 07885 282884.

Bed Bathing System Instructions

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